Who are we?

We are a large network of loft converters who love to convert lofts! There’s nothing much more to us than that! We love it whenever we see our customers smile at our work and applaud us. Whether you want to change your loft into a bedroom, cinema or gaming room, we’ve got you covered no matter what. All you have to do is contact us using the form we’ll back to you within 24 hours with your free quote.

What are we?

We understand that getting information for your loft conversion is a difficult thing to do but we’ve attempted to get everything in one website so it helps you with your decision. Getting a loft converted is a massive investment but it’s well worth it and with our experts we will get you the right advice with what your needs are.  Our experts love talking to potential customers and you will only receive the best first class service for your time.

Why are we here?

Getting Northern Ireland specific information is very difficult to get from Google so we’ve tried to solve this issue. As we have said, we love to help people and this website is here to help you to figure out if you think the investment is worth it or not however it’s been proven that on average a house can increase in price by 20% if you do add another bedroom etc.

Where do we serve?

Everywhere in Northern Ireland! You can count on us to get you a contractor for your loft! All we need is which council borough you live in so we can get you your local pricing and contractor!

If you have any other questions then please complete our form and we’ll be back with you ASAP!

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